EdCity is a ground-breaking non-profit project to create an innovative education hub in White City – bringing social and educational benefits to the local community.


EdCity will be a new education and social hub in the White City Opportunity Area, a zone highlighted by the local council and Mayor of London as a priority for development and regeneration. The aim of the Opportunity Area is to create “new areas of open space, improved facilities for local peoplebetter pedestrian and cycling connections in light of the area’s physical barriers, and create a mixed and balanced community.”

EdCity will provide social and educational benefits to the local community in White City, while also giving a shared space to social enterprises, meaning they are be able to collaborate, share resources and ultimately increase their impact. These social enterprises will work together on education projects that will make a visible and lasting impact on the country’s education sector and the lives of young people.


New facilities for the on-site nursery, school and adult education centre

The nursery and primary school facilities will be rebuilt as part of the development.

  • The Harmony Nursery will be bright and spacious and the capacity will nearly double, providing much needed early years education.

  • Ark Swift Primary Academy will benefit from modern teaching environments, new outdoor learning spaces, improved IT, and sports and performing arts facilities.

  • The current Adult Community Education Centre will be completely transformed and offer an extended service to adults taking their first steps back into education, training and/or employment. The centre will provide training and offers life-long learning opportunities for local residents, with the main aim of supporting people back into employment.


An improved public space, with much needed housing

There will be a new public square and a pedestrian and cycle route, linking the existing residential areas in the west to the redeveloped White City business district and transport hub in the east. This will dramatically improve transport and accessibility for the community, halving the time it currently takes to walk from the White City Estate to the nearest underground station.

EdCity will also include much needed housing – more than half of which will be genuinely affordable for local people.

New youth facilities for the community

A major element of the development will be the new youth facilities, which will provide exciting opportunities, state-of-the-art sports facilities and affordable activities to local young people.

Ark Swift’s students will have use of a rooftop Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) during the school day and for after-school clubs and activities. They will also have scheduled daytime access to the four-court indoor sports hall.

A shared space for charities


The office building will bring together mission-aligned organisations to create a hub of social enterprises who, individually and collectively, are aiming to transform outcomes for children in challenging circumstances in the UK and beyond.

The tenants will be encouraged to work across the local community and ensure that their work is relevant to those who are living beside them.

The office building will also contain bespoke training and conference facilities used by tenants and other mission-aligned organisations. These will be used to deliver training programmes focused on supporting teachers and other professionals working in some of the most disadvantaged schools and areas in the country.